Research Interests

Current Research Interests:
  • Construction & Development Opportunities and Strategic Alliances with Export Market Collaborators
  • Assessment of Cross-Laminated Timber Markets for New England
  • Carbon Neutral Substitution of Steel and Concrete Building Materials with Timber - CLT
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction, Mitigation – Sequestration and Forest Sustainability
  • The Significance of Strategic Alliances in International Business
  • Strategic Alliances - Partnering: A Framework for Cooperating with International Partners
  • Partnering – Commitment Trust Theory in Construction & Engineering Industry
  • Sustainable Development – Economics of Biomass on Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Renewable Energy – Strategic Alliances a Legal Framework for International Trade
  • Strategic Alliances for Sustainability in Forest Products Manufacturing Markets
  • Lowering Barriers to Opportunities in International Renewable Energy Sector
  • The Illicit Extraction of Haitian Treasures – Destruction of Haitian Citizenry toward Peasantry
  • NGO’s – Personal Political Ambition and Greed – the Looting of Haiti from Within