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Published Articles


Marketing Opportunities: On-Line for the Construction Industry (P)
* Bid Awarding Systems: The System Works - The Methods Don't (P) (W) (F)  
* Clear Skies Ahead: For Construction Management  (P) 
* Positioning the Retail Establishment (L)  
* Strategic Marketing: Business Development Practices for the Firm (P) 
* Building Relationships w/General Contractors & Construction Managers:  (ACCJ)
* Negotiated Construction Management Agreements (P)
* Client Centered Marketing (P)
* Keeping The Lowest Bidder???? (P) 
* Client Centered Marketing (P) 
* Public Agency Construction: Bottomless Pit For Taxpayer Money (P) (L) (R)  
* Global Opportunities: Mexico & The Construction Industry (L) , (P) 
* No One Buys Retail Anymore !  (P) 
* Public Relations: Methods to Show Your Strengths (P) (W) 
* Strategic Advances on the Internet: For the Construction Firm (P) (W) 
* Marketing Your Construction Services (P) (W) (F) 
* Marketing Orientation (F) (P) 
* Contractors Aim For Success (P) 
* Construction Industry Bid Methodology (P) (W) (F)
* Marketing For Architectural & Engineering Firms (P)  
* Experience Wins Contracts (P)  
* Construction Industry Market Orientation (P) 
* Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (P) 
* Contracting Through Competitive Bid Process (W) (P) 
* Truth in Advertising (P)
* Shake-Out Good for Consumers  (N)                               MORE ARTICLES

Property Management & Construction Review (P); 

Contractor Marketing Magazine (C); Rotary Matters, (R); 

New Hampshire Business Journal (N); Hi-Riser (HR); Academic (A); 

Public Speaking Engagements (S); Progressive Builder Magazine  (M); 

New Hampshire Business Review (B); Seminars, Lectures, Presentation (L); 

Who’s Who in South Florida Construction (W); Florida Construction Journal (F)


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