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Published Articles

* Construction Management Agreements Predicated on Commitment-Trust (P) 
* Partnering: The Responsible Construction Process (P) (F) 
* You May be Held Liable for Avoiding Repairs: Your Choice (P) 
* Responsibility for Condominium Concrete Repairs (P) (F)  
* Can't We Just Paint It? (P)
* Develop a Preventive Maintenance Program: A Wise Investment (P) 
* Spotlight on Excellence (L)
* Forming Meaningful Strategic Alliances: Partners in Success (P) (F)
* Evolution of Construction Management  (P) (F) (W)
* Affirmative Action in Construction in Construction: Is It Moral? (P) (L) (S)   
* Ethics and Management (L) (S) 
* The Art of Construction Management, (N) (B) 
* General Contracting: Qualities to Look For (P)  
* Design/Build Conflict of Values  (B) 
* Licensing Laws For Contractors (P) 
* Only One King in Parking: An Executive Profile (P)  
* Expectancy Theory in Construction (P) (F)   
* Segmentation Marketing: Identify the Perfect Client Mix (P) 
* Lowest Bidder: Sometimes the Apple - Sometimes the Worm (P) (F)  
* Strategic Planning for the Construction Firm (P) (W) 
* A Life Cycle Perspective: The Life of a Construction Project (P) 
* The CM Evolution: A Mature Approach to Sophisticated Projects (P)


Property Management & Construction Review (P); 

Contractor Marketing Magazine (C); Rotary Matters, (R); 

New Hampshire Business Journal (N); Hi-Riser (HR); Academic (A); 

Public Speaking Engagements (S); Progressive Builder Magazine  (M); 

New Hampshire Business Review (B); Seminars, Lectures, Presentation (L); 

Who’s Who in South Florida Construction (W); Florida Construction Journal (F)


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