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Owners' Representation - Executive Project Management

"Mr. House has always impressed me as a professional who is orientated toward contributing a high degree of proficiency, integrity, cooperation, and attention to detail in all of his undertakings. I have known him to manage all ... with great diligence and strict adherence to fiduciary accountability. His contract administration is exacting, fair and equitable. You will find him to possess a high level of energy aimed at providing competent service to his constituents." 

- Scott Patten, President 

GCS, Inc. Construction Managers 

Manchester, New Hampshire 

"While completing his business degree, Arthur came on board with Bay butt as a Project Manager. His duties were that of executive management of our industrial and commercial sites in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He has performed all of his duties with demonstrated skill and integrity. Art recently took over a $1 million project that was over budget and beyond schedule. As a result of his aggressiveness and communication abilities, with all parties involved, he completed the project ahead of time and on budget. Arthur brought a great deal of energy to this firm and has been a motivational force in the field. I would say his most outstanding characteristics are his ability to assess situations rapidly and to perform in a highly professional manner with straightforwardness of character and honesty. I rate him as a superior project manager ..." 

- David R. Boles 

Director of Marketing & Development 

Bay butt Construction Corp., Keene, NH. 

"Art is an man that will work through any obstacle, or figure a way to go over it or around it. His great strength is grounded in an ability to manage multiple projects in multiple stages and get things done on time and under/on budget.  He is good at delegating.  He has good time management skills, never once late on commitments that he made to clients or the people that worked for him.  Paper work, budgets, cost analysis; on target, on time.  He sets high goals, and wants other to meet their goals as well. Art will work harder than the next person to get things done. He is a strong leader who inspires others."

Al Dougherty, Principle 

Principle Design & Development, West Palm Beach, Florida

"We especially want to acknowledge the professional performance of Mr. House, whose energetic interest and performance was in our opinion, instrumental in securing the timely completion of this $ 8.2 million project." 

- Anthony Leketa, PE 

Army Corp. of Engineers 

Dept. of the Army 

N. Y. District Area Office 

"In Art's capacity as the Executive Project Manager on several impressive concrete restoration projects in Florida and overseas, I have found his extensive background in heavy commercial construction to have given him the requisite credentials to run just about any project I could imagine. On all of the projects that I have worked on with him, I have found him to be highly skilled, sincere and dedicated to providing excellent, high quality service to not only his clients but, to all persons affiliated with the project at hand." 

- Richard Kurzman 

Double E Constructors 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

"Mr. House has assisted me, in many significant ways, on several major concrete restoration projects in Florida and abroad. He was specifically responsible for site inspections and pre-project planning which is required in the pre-bid documentation phase, and subsequent prequalification and selection process of contractor analysis and contract execution.  Art is extremely competent and very professional, and highly articulate. He has always impressed me with his willingness to give more of himself, than one would expect, not only to his clients but, to mine as well. If there was ever a man to assist you, or to consult with you, in [construction] and or executive project management, then Mr. House would be that person." 

- E. Al. Reppert, 

PE  Fl Cert. No 29993 Delray Beach, Florida 

"Art is an exceptionally bright business development professional who worked with us to obtain funding, sales and other tangibles to help get our $77M project back to life, as well as working on multiple other projects together.  Art handled many of our projects, some as large as $77M, and others as small as $6 million. He is devoted to getting a company to grow.  He will work tirelessly to make this happen.  I have watched Art instigate growth, follow it through, take a step back, and then start all over again with more projects and ideas.  Art is high energy, diligent and will stick to the task until it is complete.  He multi-tasks well and uses his time effectively.  Art always had all reports, expense/cost related documents, whatever we asked for, immediately.  I would definitely work with Art again. "

Sidney Adler, Member

WAVE Holdings, LLC - Boca Raton, Florida

"With over 50 locations in South Florida alone, Art's professionalism and quality executive management has been a much needed relief for our company. We have been able to rely on Art and his endless source of prequalified subcontractors, for extremely difficult, and often deadline oriented projects, many of which were multi-faceted and very detailed.  Art has always come through for us, been wonderfully detailed, honest, fairly priced, and quick to respond to our most urgent needs. He has provided us with detailed preconstruction services, and project budgets, which we have always been able to rely upon, well as providing us with a working critical path management schedules to assist us in meeting the needs and demands of our clients.  I would recommend Art House to you for any and all owners' representation needs, preconstruction consulting, cost containment and budgeting, on all phases of your important projects." 

- Peter Mickler, Area Manager 

Central Parking Systems Miami, FL 



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