Real Estate Development & Construction Funding 

"While finalizing Development Plans plans for a $200 million project in the Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Florida area, Art was the driving force in connecting us to our funding source. The project is now funded, in three phases and will progress over a four year period. Not only did he assist in obtaining the required funding but also, he arranged for a bridge loan to carry us over our soft cost requirements. In the interim Art introduced us to a group of institutional buyers who eventually presented us with a contract to pre-purchase 50% of the units, which gave us the economic clout to proceed. There is no better person to have on your Development Team than art House."

Al Brandenburg, Member

Sterling Development, LLC - Boca Raton, Florida

"During my many years in business, when I was either the CFO of a Fortune 500 company or the President of a successful Chicago bank, I have always been hesitant to write letters of recommendation. But, in the case of Mr. House, I am quite pleased and confident.  I have known Art for several years, even before he relocated to Florida. I have the pleasure of working with him as a volunteer consultant with the Florida Atlantic University SBDC. I was so impressed with his attitude of Getting the Job Done that I later had the opportunity to work with him on several consulting assignments. Art has a unique ability not only to understand the technical aspects of a job but also the financial controls required to meet the budget. He is also one of the most energetic individuals I have ever met and he, therefore, creates an energetic environment all around him. This is contagious and it manifests itself in visible increases in productivity. If you are looking for a consultant, educator, or any other executive type person who, "requires honesty, energy, integrity, reliability, dependability, intelligence, construction experience, financial acumen, and just plain common sense, then look no further than Art House." 

- H. S. Brown,  President 

Big Sky Enterprises, Inc. Jupiter FL 

"In order to proceed with our development, we needed $3.4 million for construction costs and an additional $1.1 in soft costs. With no foreseeable funding in sight, from traditional sources, we asked Art to see what he could do to raise the funds required to move forward. Three months later, we broke ground and saved our project - and literally our life's savings. A casual introduction to Art resulted in the successful completion of our project."

Trace Oliver, V. P. President 

Stony Brook Villages

"By restructuring our existing business structure, our Purchasing Policies, and our Debt, as recommended by Art House, saved us, via cost containment measures, in excess of $168,000 per year, which goes directly to the bottom-line. Art installed several significant Financial Reporting Systems for better interpretation of our financial condition in a timely fashion. He made recommendations, and wrote the entire Strategic business Plan, for us to implement so we could streamline our business into one Corporate Entity. This ... has boosted our profitability through economies of scale, eliminated duplicate tasks, and provided us with financial tools for management decision-making. 


Art worked diligently to create a financial plan for us to approach lending institutions for necessary long-term funding requirements for business growth. By implementing several cost containment procedures, and modifying our labor rate structure, we have increased our total Gross Profit margins by 52% this year alone. Art has proven to be highly articulate and knowledgeable about matters that will help us to continue implementing meaningful change in our operations, which will add value to our business. We look forward to having Art House back to continue to work with us to achieve our goals." 

- Rob Heintzman, General Manager 

JR.'s Specialist Contracting Inc., Louisville, KY 

"Art is an exceptionally bright business development professional who worked with us to obtain funding, ... and other tangibles to help get our $77M project back to life, as well as working on multiple other projects together.  He is devoted to getting a company to grow.  He will work tirelessly to make this happen.  I have watched Art instigate growth, follow it through, take a step back, and then start all over again with more projects and ideas.  Art is high energy, diligent and will stick to the task until it is complete.  He multi-tasks well and uses his time effectively.  I would definitely work with Art again. "

Sidney Adler, Member

WAVE Holdings, LLC - Boca Raton, Florida

"Art's greatest strengths are his energy, creativity and optimism.  Arts' greatest talents are in overcoming obstacles. I have watched Art pull together deals that I did not think were possible, but Art made them work. He is consistent in his professionalism and his high energy.  Art tries hard to always do the right thing by every body in the deal."

Paul R. Kennedy, Real Estate Development Attorney 

Del Ray Beach, Florida

"Art completed the first phase funding acquisition for us - and we are more than pleased. I was especially impressed with how fast and efficiently Art grasped our corporate culture - he was efficient, quick and extremely knowledgeable. I would like to share a comment made by my Finance Officer; "This was the best money we ever spent." 

Jodie Bernire, President

ISE - Magtech, Houston, Texas 

"I want to emphasize several thoughts about Mr. House. First, he is a very bright individual. He quickly grasps the subtlety of complex situations, and devises resolutions. Second, is his ability to work, and work hard. I could always count on Art producing the information I needed. Third, is the veracity Mr. House has exhibited. Often times in representing a client, choices are made that allow an attorney to judge the character of his or her client. The choices Mr. House made impressed me. He had many opportunities to take full advantage of a fellow partner, which would have led to Mr. House’s financial benefit, but which Mr. House refused to do because of his personal morals.  Art’s energy is overwhelming, and he has the ability to work … sixty or seventy hours per week. The more he works, the happier he seems to be. This trait, whether it be healthy, is one which successful people seem to be inflicted with.” 

- John Robert Wilson, Esquire 

Goff and Wilson 

Professional Association 

Concord, New Hampshire 


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