Combined in our 40-years of business development experience, in the commercial, industrial, retail mixed-use, educational, medical and residential markets, we also include the renewable energy and forestry industries under our umbrella of expertise. We possess a career resume in excess of $3.5 billion.

     Our 'hands-on' approach is geared toward assisting you to achieve your goals by proactively working with you to identify viable projects and to validate their market potential. We help you to design a plan for that project, including assisting your company in its efforts to apply for grants, loans, or seed money from investment circles - 'we'll do it with and for you'.

     A proven path to success includes the following: 1.) Fully recognize, analyze and validate your concept or project's viability before anyone else can take advantage of 'your vision'; 2.) Gather the necessary resources to accomplish objectives and goals necessary to get from concept to turn-key; and 3.) Execute, implement, and carefully manage and monitor your project to its completion.  All three components must be addressed with equal importance, or your success will not reach its full potential.

     Clients are ultimately responsible for adhering to a mutually agreed-upon strategy or plan - when they follow through - they eventually determine their own success. We serve our clients with best practices and intentions. Clients are owed our strict confidentiality and a duty of care by us to work diligently and vigorously on their behalf to assist them to accomplish their goals – 'to reach maximum beneficial outcomes for all involved'.  Within our web site, we provide testimonials of satisfied clientele we served over our 40 years. 

We would like to serve you as well.